A properly, professionally planned fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home. We, at PBJ Painting, realize and understand that painting a home is not some that are an everyday occurrence to you. So we do a lot of preparation in order to ensure satisfactory services to our clients by providing their house the look they want.

Our team of screened, licensed painters has been making homes beautiful all over the city and rural areas nearby. We at PBJ Painting provides fantastic residential painting services at very competitive rates with convenient scheduling for a stress-free customer experience.

We at PBJ painting services we understand that how important your home environment is for you and your family. You don’t have time to take care or handle painting project on your own. Our team values your time and money as you do. So we are committed to providing top quality service and custom solutions for your home.

Start by providing free color consultations, inspecting and providing free quotes. We have a team of experienced, professional in-house painters to handle our entire range services from power washing interior and exterior painting, deck and fence painting, wooden rot replacement.

Our standard residential painting services including two coats of paint to make it last longer. As we start the painting process with power washing to provide a clean surface for paint. Painting the exterior of any home it very typical job, considering the fact in mind that all the exterior surfaces are exposed to extreme weather conditions. So the selection of good quality paint is a very important step. And the fact that exterior of any home who gives the first outer impression of owners choice and lifestyle. So our team of experienced professionals keeps this fact in mind while selecting and painting your home.

Interior painting of the house is of equal importance as external as it gives the impression of the owners taste and gives the people living there complete peace of mind and relaxation if it is done tastefully and according to the mood and taste of owner of the house. The right professional paint job can transform any property from bland to bright and beautiful.

Cabinet paint also plays an important role in how a kitchen looks in a house. One of the simplest ways to update the look and feel of the kitchen is to revamp cabinet with a fresh coat of paints.

Our team while performing initial inspection takes note of the wooden rot, fungus etc and changes or replaces the fixtures accordingly at reasonable costing.

Then there are deck and fences which requires special attention while painting as that is exposed most to drought and extreme weather conditions. So we choose the paints in such manner so that it last longer.

After completing the entire paintwork we do proper cleaning up of the entire area to leave the place as spotless as it was.

PBJ Painting is a full-service internal & external painting contractor company. This company has 11 to 50 employees. They are famed for quality work & versatile schedules on client’s company or home paintings project. PBJ Painting can do Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, Deck and Fence Staining, Wood Rot and Replacement, Cabinet Finishing, etc. the employees from PBJ painting are devoted to protecting the life of their client resources and earned popularity as a premier artwork business with a wide range of abilities. PBJ Painters are experts at executing everything from simple interior and exterior repaint projects for workplaces, factories, plant interiors, warehouses, manufacturing features or even residence or property painting for groups. This company is local company and employees also local people. The reason is PBJ wants to encourage local talent. Maximum customers are satisfied with PBJ Painting work.

Exterior Painting
Preparation and quality are essential for the for the long-lasting paints. PBJ Painting becomes their client’s preparation experts from the day they take the project. The PBJ Painter’s knowledge and experience help to protect your home, not just paint it. New paint from PBJ is like a perfectly tailored raincoat for your home. This paint preserves your home for many years. PBJ Painting takes the time to ensure your home protected well for five years.

Interior Painting
Interior home painting can change the entire look of your home. This interior painting can bring new life to a kitchen, bedroom, every corner. PBJ Painting has a lot of designs, different sheens, and colors to get your custom look like lighting, drab room, etc.

Deck and Fence Staining
Staining your deck is a hassle. You can leave that job to PBJ painting. PBJ Painting will power wash your deck or fence using TSP to remove years of dirt and grime and prep the surface for new stain. Any rotted or damaged wood will be repaired if possible otherwise they will be removed and replaced. PBJ Painting applies two coats of high-quality stain in the color and sheen you have chosen. Brighten, beautify, and protect your deck or fence with PBJ Painting for your summer parties.

Wood Rot and Replacement
Wood and siding rot impact thousands of homes in Kansas City. PBJ Painting goes to great lengths to remove all wood rot and damaged siding and replace with James Hardy siding and either Cedar or PVC Vinyl material to ensure a high quality, long lasting repair. This will help your home to look new and stylish.

Cabinet Finishing
Cabinet Finishing gives wood surfaces desirable characteristics. This will enhance appearance and increased resistance to moisture and other environmental agents in the wood. Finishing helps to make wood easier to clean and keep it sanitized, sealing pores that can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Finishing can also influence other wood properties, for example, tonal qualities of musical instruments and hardness of flooring. On other hands, finishing helps to make old and low-value woods like expensive, new and challenging to obtain.

So we at PBJ painting services are committed to work totally for customer satisfaction by providing best services and that too without any advance upfront payment.